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In this course Megan will explain all of the basics to selling on Poshmark. This will include tools needed to get started, how to set up your account, what to sell, how to chose items from your own closet, how to list, measuring metrics, photo basics and sourcing basics. This 30 minute course also includes a downloadable PDF you can use while you list and shop.

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We are taking Megan’s 25+ years in reselling and giving it to the world! We know there is a ton of free material out there, but we are taking that free advice to the next level. You need to take good photos. Good advice. We show you HOW to take photos from lighting details to how to display different items and more. You should source your items from certain stores / locations. Great! We tell you how to actually shop at those resources, what brands to buy, what price mark to purchase and what to do with items you may purchase but can’t sell. You need to ENGAGE. Yes, Poshmark is a social platform, we love it for this very reason! We will show you how to engage, how often, the best time of day to engage, how to get repeat customers, going beyond shares and likes. There is so much content we must share with you that yes; we too are offering a FREE video to cover the basics to get started. From there we show you how to Jumpstart the Algorithm, so you show up on the Poshmark feed to get viewers. Next, we dig deep into Sales Strategies. Feel free to jump around and go straight to our Shop For Success course or our DIY video. And for veteran sellers, we have our Expert Posher and Next Level courses. You can even hire Megan to consult you on you own closet! Want more? Let us know and we will make another course OR another freebie on our Youtube channel. We want to create a community of women entrepreneurs, so please join us in our forum as well. And don’t forget to sign up to our monthly blog!

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Watch our latest YouTube video and then subscribe to our channel. We upload videos weekly to bring you up-to-date tips to sell on Poshmark and other reseller sites as well as DIY tricks to improve clothing and accessories blemishes. We also like to throw in some fun videos of us…..just being us. So don’t judge, just come have fun!

We want you to succeed not just at reselling but also being your own boss. No matter what business you are in, we can all learn from each other and the successes and mistakes we have made in our entrepreneurial journeys. Here you will find videos that talk about those successes, how to’s, we answer questions, talk to other women in business and even express our frustrations.

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