This is now your business!

This course takes your side hustle to the business level. Which is where you want to be! To really make money, you need to take your time and spending serious. In this course we will take a closer look at getting your "office" organized. How to manage your time and really determine what you are making per hour. We will drive home the necessary shopping, listing and sharing tactics. We will cover how to CLOSE THE SALE. You also need a shipping station, get your quality products out looking great to bring repeat customers. We will go over best financial practices and finally, how to market and promote your business. This is the course to take to really define your work from home empire.

Megan, Manage My Mess. Now only $99

“While I’d been reselling on Poshmark for over a year, I struggled with making consistent sales no matter what I tried. I reached out to other Poshers, they suggested share parties. I spent countless hours joining every party, plus sharing other Posher’s items day and. I even watched endless reseller YouTube videos trying to glean their tips. But no matter what I tried or how much time I spent, I never seemed to make much progress. So, I purchased the “Megan, Manage My Mess” consultation. She taught me how to start treating my closet on Poshmark more like a real business. PLUS, her suggestions had me spending LESS time working not MORE. It was quick, simple and most importantly, I saw immediate results: I made my first 5 sales in the FIRST day after her assessment, I effortlessly grew followers from 29K to 36K (my biggest growth). So, whether you’re new to Poshmark or have been doing it for awhile and want to take your sales to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to @poshpro_megan and the Posh Pro Project. “

~Ingrida, @INASVYTIS (Poshmark closet)

Megan, Manage My Mess! - Posh Pro Project

Business Strategies For Resellers